Our patrons help us create the future of education

For SARVA to grow our team of A-players and create the future of education, we rely on the generosity of our sponsors and patrons. Individuals and companies who get our mission and believe, like we do, that it’s all our responsibility to educate the next generation and turn those learners into leaders. 

Become a patron of SARVA’s mission

Your patronage funds our team and the growth of the company

We can no longer leave education to schools and parents alone. Most young people lack positive role models and inspiration. We’ve decided to found SARVA to take responsibility and educate and empower the next generation to change and disrupt the world for the better. If you feel called, join us in and play your part in shaping the future of education. Patronage available from £5,000 to £25,000 a year.


Benefits of being a patron

Patronage has its privileges. You are not just a supporter. You are part of our mission and are part of SARVA.

Be part of a community of philanthropic givers and change makers

You’ll be invited to a private online community network to share and connect should you wish to. Here the founders will share updates on the progress of the mission. 

Quarterly Leadership Mastermind for our Mission Patrons

Alan Shelton runs the mentorship programme for our mission patrons. He is the author of Awakened Leadership: Beyond Self-Mastery and has worked with the CEOs and leadership teams of brands like Boeing, Nike, The North Face and Vans. 

Exclusive access to a global talent pool of future leaders

As a patron you’ll see the rising stars within our community and get a chance to invest in them, their ideas and their talent or even hire them and make them part of your team.


About the application process

Joining SARVA’s global community of Patrons is an invitation to shape the future of education. We’re creating a network of like-minded people and that is why you’re asked to complete a short application form which will be reviewed by our team.


Patronage criteria and the application form

Patronage is open to anyone who can demonstrate that they support the mission and share our values. The application form asks three questions:

Why do you wish to become a SARVA Mission Patron?
How do you hope to engage with us and other patrons in our community?
How else can you help SARVA’s mission to shape the future of education?
Sponsor the creation of a course

Education changes everything!

We've asked around what skill kids wish they'd learn at school. Many topics lend themselves to creating short overviews, intensive sessions or deep dives, which we call 'immersions'.

Immersive experiential learning

We’re not here to replicate school or university. Our platform is community driven, peer-led and based on the science of active learning… so it’s more fun and you’ll remember more and actually use what you learn.

Turning learners into leaders

Our credo is to encourage self-leadership. Inspired by peers who are teaching on the platform, every learner is encouraged to become a leader, invited to share their genius and produce content and courses with us.

Peer-led and mentor supported

Kids teach each other and learn from each other naturally. Our philosophy is to give kids the microphone and offer an easy to access platform for learning on the go. All supported by world-class mentors.

Relevant for the 21st century

The curriculum of most schools does not prepare us for the real world. We focus on the skills needed most. The ability respond to life's challenges in a positive way. We call it 'Foundation' and it's free to access. We focus on mental health, emotional intelligence and holistic well-being first.

Engaging content that makes a difference

Beyond the Foundation, we develop the additional skills to create the leaders of tomorrow. Ready to lead the change our world desperately needs.
Financial acumen for both personal life and business, creative thinking and social entrepreneurship are the building blocks for collaborative sustainable solutions.

Ancient wisdom and modern science

Good news is we don’t have to start from scratch. Some of the best kept secrets to leading a successful and happy life are thousands of years old and are accessible to everyone. And one of the marvels of our time is that many of these ‘mystical’ paths are now backed up and proven by science, allowing for shortcuts and measurable progress fast.

So how does the application process work?

Step 1

Complete application

Application to join our Mission Patron Program is simple. Just click any of the Become a Patron buttons on this page to get access to the form and complete the 3 questions.

Step 2

Chat with the founders

If your application is successful, we'll reach our to book a call with our founders. You'll discuss your patronage with our founders and they'll answer any questions you may have about SARVA’s mission.

Step 3

Join our Mission Patrons

You’ll be invited to join a closed private community of patrons and get updates about the mission’s progress and invitation to the quarterly mastermind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my patronage contribution used for?
How likely is it that my application will be accepted?
When will I find out if my application has been successful?
What is expected of me as a SARVA Mission Patron?

Other ways to support SARVA

Funding the creation of an entire course means you’ll be recognised as the official content sponsor and get featured in our supporter section on our homepage. But it takes a bit of time. Here is what to expect once you made your donation.

SARVA Fellowship

As a SARVA Fellow you are part of our mission to shape the future of education. Fellows join a network of like-minded businesses and individuals committed to shaping the future of education.

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Content Sponsorship

To keep creating unique and transformative learning content, we've set up our content sponsorship program. You can pick from a list of topics or leave it to us.

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