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How SARVA is tackling the current crisis

Our schools’ curricula do not reflect the needs of the next generation to prepare them for life in the 21st century. Generation Alpha are already more evolved, more aware and more digitally savvy than any previous generation and need more than traditional education is able to offer.

That’s why we created SARVA, a peer-led learning platform created and run by young people educating children and parents alike. 

When you join us:

  • You become part of a global online knowledge-sharing community 
  • You access experiential, useful, practical peer-led courses 
  • You’re guided and supported by peers and world-class mentors 
  • You’re learning skills and knowledge often not taught at school or at home
  • You benefit from the latest science, proven to deliver life-changing breakthroughs
Pete is a founder of SARVA. 30 years experience as an owner, operator and c-suite executive within real-world businesses across multiple industry sectors with a focus on strategy, marketing and growth.

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