The power of sound, the vagus nerve and its ability to heal and stimulate creativity 

In this episode, Pete is joined by a veteran musician whose band Rusted Root toured the World selling over 3 million records and whose music can be heard on the soundtrack of popular movies and TV commercials around the world… Jim Donovan. 

Now a College Professor, Drumming Workshop Facilitator, Sound Healer and Author of the book ‘Saved by Sound’ we explore the part music plays in healing and in creative stimulation, growth and transformation and imagine the impact on the world where kids are encouraged to practice the use of sound to create a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.


  • The part music played in his life… how he used it as a release for his emotions
  • How being a rockstar resulted in him becoming a College Professor 
  • The chemical reaction that occurs when we engage in music and how it benefits us
  • The Vagus Nerve, why it’s so important and how we can use it to heal and transform 
  • How sound can be used to trigger feel-good chemicals in the body
  • The link between the vagus nerve, sound and the mantras and prayers used within ancient civilizations and religions - think Ohm, Aum etc. 
  • Using sound to restore balance within your body 
  • Simple practices you can use at home to strengthen your vagal tone 

Plus much more. 

Learn more about Jim and his work


Pete is a founder of SARVA. 30 years experience as an owner, operator and c-suite executive within real-world businesses across multiple industry sectors with a focus on strategy, marketing and growth.

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