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A Natural Born Engineer - how 11-year old Paolo Ben Salmi aka the Pint-Sized Adventurer sees the World

Paolo Ben Salmi, the pint-sized adventurer

Paolo Ben Salmi is a personal development coach and the founder of Pint Size Adventurer whose mission is to help plant the seed of self-discovery, exploration of the internal and external world and adventurer in abundance to create a brighter future.

Paolo strives to encourage as many children as possible to go on adventures both internally and externally to activate their natural curiosity. 

There are lessons to learn here for every adult on the planet! Join us and listen now… you’ll be inspired

  • His partnership at with Brunel University
  • Becoming a Global Ambassador for Water to Go the water filtration system bringing safe drinking water to you wherever you go. 
  • Interviewing some of the World’s biggest names… Dr John DeMartini, Udo Erasmus, Douglas Vermeeren AND coming soon as part of the release of the movie - ‘HowThoughtsBecomeThings’ Bob Proctor, Dr Joe Vitale, Denis Waitley, John Assaraf, Marie Diamond, Douglas Vermeeren, Karen Perkins, Meagan Fettes, Marina Bruni
  • Creation and how to attract through gratitude and abundance 
  • Why open and honest communication leads to greater peace, personally and for everyone around you.
  • What being an adventurer really means and why it’s important to look at life in this way.

Paolo’s moonshot and something he’s never shared before!

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