The time for a different, more collaborative approach to education is now. 

In this episode, Pete is joined by Sara Shebear whose experience and views on education and the empowerment of children are born from the understanding and first-hand experience that children’s approaches to learning are all different and that not all educational provisions are suitable.

Exploring the education system, the needs of children and the part nature play’s in early childhood development, experiential/ active learning plus so much more, including:

  • Understanding the differing needs of children where education is concerned - there isn’t one size for all
  • How this reality impacted her own family - 2-children each with very different needs, one thriving in the traditional education system, the other struggling
  • The need to allow children to find their passion, their genius potential (even if it’s not academic)
  • Responsibility for education lies with everyone; child, parent, teacher and wider community 
  • The importance and impact of nature in education 

Pete is a founder of SARVA. 30 years experience as an owner, operator and c-suite executive within real-world businesses across multiple industry sectors with a focus on strategy, marketing and growth.

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