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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

The future of humanity is in the hands of the next generation.

It's all our responsibility to educate and empower them to lead successful lives, sustainable businesses and inclusive communities.


How SARVA is tackling the current crisis

We are creating the world's first peer-led learning platform run by young people to turn the learners of today into the leaders of tomorrow. Ready to lead successful lives, sustainable businesses and inclusive communities.

When you join us:

You become part of a global online knowledge-sharing community
You access experiential, useful, practical peer-led courses
You’re guided and supported by world-class mentors
You’re learning skills and knowledge not taught at school or at home
You benefit from the latest scientific discoveries to deliver transformation

“We need to adjust to the new reality – fast. Traditional education alone is not enough to prepare my generation for the world we’re living in.”

Tray-Sean Ben Salmi, 15, Co-Founder of SARVA

We develop Generation Alpha's true potential

Generation Alpha are more evolved, more aware and more digitally savvy than any previous generation and need more than traditional education is able to offer.

We support them to live their potential in three steps: discover & remember, nurture & develop, embody & live. It'll need all of us to create the change makers of tomorrow to solve the world's big challenges.

Discover & remember
your genius

98% of children test positive for creative genius at age 5 yet by 15 this number is just 12%. At SARVA we help you discover your genius. Some people call it flow, some refer to it as our gifts. Whatever you may call it, we’ll help you find it.

Nurture & develop
your unique gifts

Before you can truly live from your genius and express your full potential, you need to build a strong foundation. We give you tools and practices proven to build those foundations. Age-old wisdom and modern science, combined with world-class mentorship is your recipe for success.

Embody & live
your full potential

From this foundation you have access to skills and training to start living your full potential. You'll develop life skills generally not taught at schools to get you ready for life in the 21st century. You’ll take your wisdom to the world, show up differently in your family and community. You'll step into true leadership and tackle the world's big problems head on with your peers.


Building your foundation

There are 4 cornerstones to the foundation of a life of happiness, success and fulfilment.

Cornerstone 1

Mental Health

A positive state of mind and body, feeling safe and able to cope, with a sense of connection with people, communities and the wider environment.

Ability to witness your thoughts
Ability to focus attention and intention
Consciously influence your inner state
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Cornerstone 2

Emotional Intelligence

Allows you to understand and manage your emotions in order to self-motivate and to create positive social interactions.

Reduce anxiety and stress
Improve relationships
Diffuse conflicts
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Cornerstone 3

Physical Well-being

Conscious lifestyle behaviour choices to ensure health, avoid preventable diseases and conditions, and to live in a balanced state of body, mind, and spirit.

Balance, coordination and agility
Strength, stamina and suppleness
Fewer illnesses, diseases and injuries
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Cornerstone 4

Personal Growth

Mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth to live a productive and satisfying life within society through the development of life skills.

Develop talents and potential
Realise dreams and aspirations
Increase self-awareness and resilience
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Developing the next generation of leaders

In Phase 1 we focus on building a solid foundation of four cornerstones. Mental health, emotional intelligence, physical well-being and personal growth.

In Phase 2 we develop life skills like entrepreneurial thinking and real world financial acumen to survive and thrive in the world.

In Phase 3 we help you to utilise your experience from phase 1 and 2 to increase your awareness of the interconnectedness of our world and to take on the global challenges we face.


Self-awareness & holistic well-being

It’s easy to get lost and confused with all the information and influences we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Developing self-awareness makes you more resilient, allows you to regulate your mind and emotions and take control of your inner and outer world. In this new digital world of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, it's more important than ever to develop our human qualities to safeguard our mental and emotional health. It's the foundation. That's why we start there.


Entrepreneurial mindset & financial acumen

We all have beliefs about the limits of our own abilities and potential. These beliefs predict our behaviour and determine outcomes. In her groundbreaking research Stanford University Professor Dr. Carol Dweck has shown that a growth mindset is strongly linked to greater happiness and achievement in life. That's why we base our approach on it. That's where parents and adults can really support their young learners to excel. In this phase we also focus on the survival skill of mastering your finances - personal and business - to make the existing prevalent system work for you.


Global awareness &  entrepreneurship

We conceptually understand that we live in a connected world. Yet most of us do not act that way. The reason is that we don’t feel really connected to others and the world as a whole. It is a learned culture of separation and division. The solutions needed to really bring about the necessary shifts are only possible once we've evolved our understanding and consciousness. Conscious entrepreneurs and awakened leaders will solve the global problems with a focus on sustainability and collaboration across the globe.

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Learning on-the-go.
On any device.

Learning in the 21st Century is not just happening in the classroom. The next generation is constantly learning, using their phones, the internet and apps in new ways. Learning today is happening all the time, anytime. SARVA is available on both iPhone and Android apps and across all devices.

SARVA’s online community is available on any device anywhere, giving our learners access to courses, classes and mentoring on demand. Whenever you want.

SARVA's learning model

What makes us different

The leaders of tomorrow need more than just scholastic and parental education. At SARVA we deliver the missing pieces: peer-led education and mentorship.

Student <> Teacher

We are all students and teachers at the same time. We learn and we share what we learn. It's a life long journey of evolution and growth.

Peer-led & Mentor assisted

Children love learning from each other. Peer-led teaching with the assistance of experienced mentors makes learning fun and engaging.

Learner > Leader

We encourage every learner to share their knowledge and experience, developing confidence and turning learners into leaders.


Meet your faculty leads

We focus on 4 cornerstones as the foundation to a life of happiness, success and fulfilment. They are the key to our development as humans. Meet your faculty leads for the foundational cornerstones.

Beyond the foundation

Turning learners into leaders

At SARVA we scour the globe to find world-class mentors and teachers to help you become the best version of yourself. We are adding more courses beyond the foundation to the community every month. To help you discover, develop and live your genius and change the world for the better.

Find out more about our current course portfolio here: 

* Courses (LAUNCHING SOON) *
A path for every Learner

Clear learning paths for young learners and parents to grow together

We believe that strong families are the foundation of a strong society. That is why SARVA serves three audiences with distinct learning paths to develop our inherent potential. With one single and guiding aim - to grow together.

Learning path 1

Children age 10-13

Moving toward and into secondary school age is a big time of change and children need to develop their own values and sense of self to guide decision making. This can be very disorienting and confusing. 

With the right guidance and support though, these years can become a powerful foundation for natural leadership as young adults, building confidence, self-awareness and resilience.

Learning path 2

Young adults age 14-17+

The young adults must establish an identity in relation to society, the opposite sex, ideas, the future, possible vocations, and the universe. The establishment of independence. This often creates tension with family over limits, values, responsibilities, friends, and plans for the future.
Using tools and practices established for thousands of years combined with the latest science of brain development and mindset we map out a path to clarity, authentic communication and self-leadership, supported by peers and world-class mentors.

Learning path 3

Adults & conscious parents

Let’s face the fact that most of us haven’t had enlightened parents or a perfect upbringing. So we aren’t really sure what the best way to parent is. Especially the kids of today in the times we’re experiencing. The role of being parents has dramatically changed over the last few decades and there is an opportunity to redefine how we relate to and show up for our children. We find it hard to imagine what life is like for our children as we compete with celebrities and social media to have our voice (of reason) heard. 

Breakthrough research on growth mindset over fixed mindset, brain development and neuroplasticity, authentic communication and emotional intelligence clearly point to the possibility of growing together, developing connected and strong family units.

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Meet the team behind SARVA

SARVA was founded and is led by a group of young people

The founders insist that they are just ‘normal kids’ who have through the right support and environment found their way back to their genius. Now, living their full potential they’re here to show the world how we can do the same. They deeply care about people, the planet and the future of humanity and they’re ready to lead the way.

Although the six of them may appear exceptionally gifted (they’re all authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, coaches...) they assure us that everyone willing is able to create a life beyond your wildest dreams. If you feel ready - join them!

Supporting our mission

Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders

Our founders are supported by a visionary team from the world of business and self development.


A science-based approach to learning

The leaders of tomorrow need more than just scholastic and parental education. At SARVA we deliver some of the missing pieces.

Growth mindset

Vs. fixed mindset. Proven to increase your potential in all areas of life.

Peer-led & Mentor assisted

Vs. teacher led. Increase adoption, engagement and utility of skills.

Experiential learning

Involves and excites to increase retention and attentiveness.

Growth mindset

We all have beliefs about our own abilities and potential. These beliefs form part of our mindset, which predicts behaviours and determines outcomes. In her groundbreaking research Stanford University Professor Dr. Carol Dweck identified two types of often unconscious mindsets that are closely linked to our happiness and levels of achievement in life.

The fixed mindset

Common in intellectually smart children. Children with a fixed mindset believe their intelligence and abilities cannot be altered.

As a result, mistakes are often seen as failures rather than opportunities to grow and learn. They fear new experiences, avoid risks and feel the need to repeatedly prove themselves over and over again.

The growth (genius) mindset can be taught and learned

Children who adopt a growth mindset believe their intelligence and abilities can be improved and with effort and the right strategies.

A willingness to confront challenges, a passion for learning and viewing failure as a springboard are all characteristics associated with a growth mindset. A growth mindset is strongly linked to greater happiness and achievement in life.

Peer-led and mentor assisted teaching

We can't leave the education of the next generation to parents and schools alone. We all have a responsibility and at SARVA we created the platform. Kids love to learn from other kids and guidance from a mentor stimulates their curiosity and boosts their confidence.

Peer-led learning

Brunel university and many other established educational institutions vouch for the power of peer-led knowledge transfer. At SARVA, it's our DNA.

Mentor assisted learning

Mentoring is a proven path to peak performance and accelerated growth. That's why most of our young leaders are supported by mentors.

Experiential learning

Applied behavioural science tells us that using participative teaching methods dramatically improve the retention and recall of information. At SARVA we use experiential learning to enhance the learning experience.

Passive learning
Low retention
Listen to teacher
Reading & self-study
Watching videos
Practice doing
Teaching others
Active learning
High retention

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More than a learning platform

What SARVA membership means to you, us and the world

When you decide to join SARVA, you become part of a movement. A movement to create a brighter future for you and the world around you. Here are just some of the amazing things you become part of:

Powerful transformational courses

Access to proprietary guided learning and mentorship to develop your gifts and live your true potential. Our unique peer-led mentor-assisted approach puts the excitement and fun back into learning valuable skills.

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Connect cultures & foster diversity

Our B1G1 (buy one gift one) promise means that we provide a full scholarship to young learners around the world every time someone joins our community - making sure world-class learning and mentorship is available and accessible for children in emerging countries.

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Global impact through our partnerships

Your membership fee supports 3 amazing charitable causes, having a real impact on children, families and communities across the globe. Providing clean water to communities in Africa, planting food forests for families and villages in Colombia and giving access to education to India’s forgotten children.

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SARVA develops your leadership skills

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What a conscious company does with your money

Your membership fee is used to create amazing content, improve the learning experience and change the world through our B1G1 initiative and impact partnerships. 

In short - your membership fee ensures:

An Ad-free learning experience
High quality unique content produced exclusively for our platform
Expansion of our B1G1 Initiative
Funding for our Impact Partnerships

Our impact partnerships

Your membership not only transforms your own life, it transforms the lives of others around the world and our planet.

Clean water - Africa

We pledge to support the construction of two SARVA community wells per year. Charity - charity: water

Charity: Water

Reforestation - Colombia

We pledge to support the planting of a SARVA food forest every year. Charity: Jaguar Siembra

Jaguar Siembra

Education - India

We pledge to provide computers and internet access for every student. Charity - Ramana's Garden Children's Home

Ramana's Garden Children's Home


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There are three ways you can become part of our mission to develop the next generation of leaders.
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